Hi everyone!!! I have been DYING to share this amazing, wonderful, fabulous news! Our daughter and son-in-law are adopting this beautiful, precious little girl. Her name is Colleen and we are all in LOVE!!! She is 18 months old now. Tracy and Dave have had her for a month. She came to their house (from foster care) the Friday before Mother's day!!!!!!!!!!! What a FABULOUS Mother's day gift for our daughter! So, I thought I would share some pictures of her (I have about a million so am using GREAT restraint here:):):) Hope you will bear with me:):)
 Tracy and Colleen before the party. They had a "welcome home, Colleen party for her.
 Gigi (me) giving her a new ball.
 I think she likes it!

 This smile just MELTS MY HEART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Dancing before the party:)
 In her new dress and on the lap of my best friend.

 She is a happy little girl. She has had alot of major changes in her short life and has adapted AMAZINGLY well.


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