HI everyone. We got home from Fl. yesterday and this afternoon the tree guys showed up to remove 2 trees. When they brought the CRANE down the driveway they ruined it: but we had planned to redo the driveway this spring but I was very surprised at the extent of the damage!!!! Here is the carne and the men LEVELING the truck!
 This is a small shot of some of the damage.

 Then crane maneuvering into position.
 The crane operator.
 One guy climbing the tree that will come down.
 See those little red buds on the limbs? They would fall all over the driveway and make a BIG mess! I will NOT miss that!!!!
 The second guy being hoisted up by the crane to tie off the limbs to come down.

 Tying off limbs.

 I YI YI!!! What a mess!

 Each limb was cut and then hauled up the driveway to the street to go into the chipper/shredder.

 Lifting up the ENTIRE TREE!!!!
 They would lay it on the driveway, remove some limbs then drag it to the shredder.

 Being lowered.
 Cutting off limbs.

 It was a pretty amazing operation! I hope I am not boring you all to death!!!!!!
 After doing the tree out front they swung the crane over the house to take a dogwood that had been broken in a snowstorm, and is in the back of the house.

 After tying the tree to be lifted he cut it off at the base.

Then the whole tree went OVER THE HOUSE to the front.

 When the crane backed out it made MORE mess:(:(

 You can click on any picture to enlarge it!
I am hoping to get some SPRING decorating done around here, maybe tomorrow and will post that ASAP! Thanks so much fopr stopping by. I love your comments so please let me know you were here!!!! XO, Pinky I am joining with Kim at Savvy Southern Style for wow us Wed. You can find this party at http://www.savvysouthernstyle.blogspot.com/


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