I wanted to share some pictures from my trip. It was WONDERFUL, I had a great time with my girlfriends! This is the view from my girlfriends deck off the condo.
 She cut some hibiscus several days to have in the condo. I love them!
 AHHHHHH.....the BEACH! Look at the color of that water!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can click on pics to enlarge.

 We didn't know what kind of bird this was???? Does anyone know? They were very neat!
 See their long pink beak?

 This is looking out the kitchen window. What a wonderful sight to wake up to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Palm trees, green grass and impatiens in March!!!!!!!!!! Be still my heart!

 We walked down to the beach one night to watch the sunset. That is my friend, Janet "holding up the sun".

This is one of the LARGE homes on the way to the beach.

I sure would love to be able to "winter in Fl." as they say! Thanks, Lois for a wonderful week!!!!!!!!!!!!


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