Oh I am so happy to be back and ABLE to post, and I have to say a VERY special THANK YOU to my good friend, Yvonne who figured out my problem with the pictures!!!! Thank you SO much, Yvonne. BTW, if you have never been to her GORGEOUS blog, please go over and tell her I sent you. I forgot to give you the link!!!! it ios: http://www.stonegable.blogspot.com/   You will not be sorry!!!! I set a little place for breakfast this morning where I could browse my newest Southern Living and dream of Spring! It really IS coming!!!! The birds will be building their nests any day now!
I used a very organic looking placemat that also goes so well with my little bunny.
I made myself a wonderful yogurt PARFAIT, in one of my Grandmother's glasses. I only have 2 of these but they are a treasure to me.
I put some blueberries on the bottom, some peach yogurt and then some sliced strawberries. YUUUUMMM!!!!
As you can see I also had a blueberry muffin. I did NOT eat all of this, it is too calorie laden, but a bite or 2 is fabulous!
Instead of a napkin ring, I used a little candle ring because it is so cute and looks like spring greens!
A close up of Mrs. Bunny, isn't she cute!?
I have many pair of gardening gloves and these have little birdhouses on them!
I AM wild for Spring!!!!
Can you see the birdhouses?
I placed the muffin on this little SHAMROCK dish, since it is almost St. Patty's Day!
Thanks so much for being so patient. I appreciate every single comment so please let me know you were here. Later this week I will be linking to Susan's beautiful blog: http://www.betweennapsontheporch.blogspot.com/  If you'd like to see MANY beautiful tables, stop over there too! Have a great week, everyone. XO, Pinky I am also linking to Robin's All Thigs Inspired at http://www.allthingsheartandhome.blogspot.com/ 


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