I've missed you!

I'm not going to bore you with any excuses as to why I've been MIA just know that I miss y'all terribly when I'm not on my normal schedule. I feel like a big part of my day is missing. And now, I want to sing this song to tell you how sorry I am... just kidding. We would no longer be friends if I sung to you.

Things will return to normal as quickly as possible, so just hang with me. And because I can't leave you empty handed (that would make this the most boring post on record) I want to make sure you know about this little treat Santa has dropped in our laps.

My very favorite Australian, Anna Spiro, opened up her Christmas Pop-Up Shop this morning and things are gong fast. Head over there if you are like me and would love nothing more than to spend an afternoon shopping at Black & Spiro but you don't have the extra couple grand for a ticket down to the southern hemisphere.

Have a great day and happy shopping!


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