Good gracious y'all!! Thank you so much for your response to the One Room Challenge. Not only am I grateful for all of you, but I had such a great time looking thru all of the fabulous rooms of the other ladies as well as all the amazing linking party participants.  There is some serious talent out there, and I was thrilled to be apart of it. I'll be back on Wednesday with details and sources on the room.

And if you follow me on Instagram (which you totally should by the way) then you know on top of the ORC excitement, I had some other big stuff going on as well. More on that as soon as I can share.

So all of this action has left me exhausted and hankering for a trip somewhere. I was raised a traveler. I've been to each of the lower 48, all by car thank you very much, so I've gotten to see so many great places. And maybe it is coming down from a stressful few weeks, or the fact that winter is approaching and I'm getting ready to hibernate, but I want to hit the road.

Charleston, SC
California Redwoods
Breckenridge, CO

my girls on the beach in Sarasota

Where do you want to go? Where is your favorite place to travel? Who wants to go on a road trip?


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