Week six is finally here and I have crossed the finish line. Picture me squirting gin water all over my face. Wahoo!

I've said it before but it should be said again - six weeks is not as long as it sounds and I was down to the wire on this project. It can be confirmed that I am a down to the minute girl.

But enough jabbing, let's get to the pictures. I won't do much talking today (as hard as that is to believe), I'll just show the goods. Oh, with one note - this is a basement AKA - NO light. And no matter how many 'learn how to use your camera' tutorials I pin, I just don't have the patience. So be kind. A professional photographer I am not...obviously.

As a reminder, here is where we started six weeks ago.

Here was my inspiration board for the space.

And here we are today.

The old office table from Goodwill and my mis-matched chairs have all gotten a paint job and are ready for lots of arts and crafts. The chalkboard was mine growing up and got a fresh coat of red paint (the girls' color choice).

Clearly I am not a chalkboard artist, but the girls are. The quote is my new mantra. I'm going to use it to justify my consistently messy house.

I planked the back of the bookshelves to coordinate with the plank wall and then filled them with my blue and white overflow and lots 'o books. The numbers on the left are old score board numbers I got at a church yard sale years ago and represent our anniversary - May 20.

I made those pillows. With a sewing machine. Its true. Not a big deal to most but a huge accomplishment for me. I am still amazed.

The old $8 chairs got white denim slipcovers (perfect to wash when needed) and look so very good. I am in love with their skirts. And they looks smashing with their Goodwill makeover lamps.

The dollhouse was made years ago by a family friend and was passed down to the girls when my niece went to college. The sign that hangs above is from my grandparent's farm. The same farmhouse where the 'homework chair' that sits over at the creative station came from.

The girls are big into photos (mostly of themselves) so I took an old metal tray and turned it into a magnetic photo board. Push pins often end up on the floor and then stuck in someone's toe (that would be mine) at our house so magnets sounded like a safer bet. Now we can switch, add and rearrange on a whim. And trust me, we have a lot of whims at our house.

The coffee table got a fresh coat of paint and a new plexi glass - aka unbreakable - top. And I'm madly in love with the indoor/outdoor rug. It feels great, looks great and takes a beating like a champ.

So there she blows. All done and being trashed by the girls as we speak. Just as it should be. I'll be sharing more details, sources, and tutorials over the coming weeks so be sure to stay tuned. And thank you all for following along. I hope you had as much fun as I did.

A special huge thank you to my dear friend Linda for including me on this fun adventure, and to all my fellow challenge mates. Excellent work ladies!

Please take time to look over all of their beautiful spaces. This is a fun day!! 


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