A few weeks back I mentioned a brainstorming moment brought to you by the number 4 (aka my 4-year-old daughter Amelia).

To recap: my bedroom has a new coat of paint and is ready for some 'flair', Office Space style.

I had to start somewhere so I grabbed a mirror I was luke warm on. But when I stepped back to eye my trusty template, I decided some wrapping paper might be that little somethin' somethin' the space needs. Only less carnival-ish wrapping paper.

For those of you that can't see inside my head, I was thinking something more like this

via Pinterest

Or this. 

via Little Green Notebook
And yes, I know that those examples feature lovely and possibly pricey wallpaper. But I'm on a budget baby, so I'm going for the look for less option. 

I wanted to stick with the blue pallet I had (in my mind) and go for something soft, soothing, dreamy. Don't those words make you feel sleepy and relaxed? Your getting sleepy...

After a long conversation with myself at the art supply store (please tell me you talk to yourself while shopping) I found a winner.

Dogwood Wrapping Paper via Paper Source
Lovely Chinoiserie inspired dogwood. With great pops of black. A room is not complete with out a bit of black. (feel free to knit that on a pillow)

To hang the paper I used 3M Command Poster Strips. I bought the bulk pack and used 8 strips on each sheet.
Starting at the top of the wall I positioned the first paper exactly where I wanted it to sit between the window and the other wall. Then, I put the second piece below that, layering it over the first piece just slightly in order to have the pattern flow a bit better. I repeated this until I had covered the wall from ceiling to floor. 

The paper is 20" x 30" a sheet and I used 3 pieces for each wall@ $3.50 a sheet. So for just over $20 I had myself two budget friendly panels.

this picture is how I learned that I needed to overlap the pieces

A good start, but it needed to be framed to look 'finished'. I thought about getting some wood trim but then immediately thought about needing to prime and paint and cut said trim so that was quickly axed. Instead I went with the easier softer option of black grosgrain ribbon. (more black)

The command strips were wider than the ribbon so instead I just lightly glued it to the paper...not the wall. Glue + wall = hubs takes glue gun away.

the branches don't look black in this picture but I promise they are

I repeated the same process on the other side and with that, all done.

Both panels took about 45 minutes. It would have been even shorter if I lived in a newer house that had  plum walls. Nothing is level in this joint. 

I am pretty smitten with my little panels. And I don't think you would know it was wrapping paper if I hadn't told you. Damn, I shouldn't have told you. Look at my expensive wallpaper!

Can't show you a wider shot of the room yet as there are several more projects going on up in there. (how's that for a tease?!)

I am sooo happy with it. I love the look and it gives the room just what I needed to get my groove back. My design groove that is. My other groove is just fine thank you very much.

What are you grooving on in your house these days?


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