I was lucky enough to win a design consult with the lovely Jessie at Mix and Chic and we have been working on our family room/playroom. She has come up with some really great ideas and I can't wait to start working on the space, but it has brought up an ongoing discussion in our house.


The hubs and I like our couch time. We log many hours on that sucker (isn't it our duty as Americans?) and we require comfort.

Our first couch, god rest its soul, was the single greatest couch created. We scored it at a consignment shop when we got our first apartment and that thing was sent straight from heaven. Perfect for napping, spooning (TMI?) and plenty of room to seat an army. It wasn't a sectional but was the size of a barge. And it made it thru three apartments before it just got too big and too beat up to drag along any longer. Insert lone tear here.

So when we moved into our current we got a new couch for the family room and 5 1/2 years later the thing is beat up, full of saggy cushions and frankly, not that comfortable. So the sectional debate begins again.

For whatever reason, when I thought of sectionals, I always thought of those bad 80'couches that take up a whole room with bad burgundy fabric and overstuffed head cushions and la-z-boys at the end.

But, sectionals have come a long way baby. I think I am in love. And so the discussion has shifted to what kind of sectional.

A full sectional?

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via Lonny Magazine

Or a sectional/chaise option?

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Do you have a sectional? Is there one you recommend?


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