Well! I thought I would share our mini disaster today!!!! We had a FULL mirror over the double vanity in the downstairs bathroom, but it was cracked. So, we thought we should replace it. We borrowed 2 mirrors that would fit in this space. So, today Joe decided to take the old one down and paint around where the 2 new mirrors would go. He started to take the mirror down but thought maybe it would be too heavy for one person. So, he put the clip back in, ran to the workroom and heard CRASH!!!!!!!
 The mirror had come out of the wall and broken into a ZILLION pieces!!!!
 They were on the bathroom floor, in the closet that Dave is using, in the bar area and even out to the rec room!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EVERY WHERE!!!!!
 So, Joe got most of it up with a dust pan and brush, then I used the shop vac then the central vacuum.
 This is a big recycle bin and it is half full!
 On the bright side: we were going to throw it out anyway so now it is more manageable;):):)
I will show you the new mirrors when Joe gets them hung, he is working on that right now. Thanks for stopping by. XO, Pinky


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