shirt turned tray shirt turned tray

What's that saying? "Never blue and green without something in between"? (or something like that) Well unless that something i...

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~~~Let's Go Downstairs, shall we???!!!~~~ ~~~Let's Go Downstairs, shall we???!!!~~~

I have shown you many of the spaces here at DBP, so I thought today we would go downstairs. I can't show you ALL around right now becaus...

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11 questions 11 questions

Tag! I'm it. The very lovely Brooke from Inside-Out Design has tagged me and 10 other design bloggers to answer 11 questions about ours...

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~~~Remember Your A,B,C's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~ ~~~Remember Your A,B,C's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~

Good Sunday mornig everyone. Since it is Sunday I thought I would share with you something I keep on my fridge and try to remember. I receiv...

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the everygirl the everygirl

As I start to shake my kick-off-the-weekend cocktail, I wanted to share a fun site that launched this week. The Everygirl was started by tw...

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no, you're a knob and tube no, you're a knob and tube

Progress made!! I can cross #4 off my 2012 goal list ! That blasted crooked, crappy, creaky (and any other c adjectives you can think of) ch...

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~~~ A Tropical Luncheon~~~ ~~~ A Tropical Luncheon~~~

HI everyone! It is so good to be back. I thought I would set a table to show you our everyday dishes that we use during the cold dreary days...

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