Here is the corner of their sunroom where the tree goes.
 The top is one a several rows of branches....yes, this is a tree that EVERY branch has to be added, one at a time.... OY!!!!
 We put the lights on as wew ent, makes it easier to reach....I am SHORT people:):)
 All lights are on and some ornaments.
 Now some more ornaments are on....
 The tree is done, want to see some close ups?
 There are silk roses, they are creamy with a blush pink center.
 Beautiful pearl hearts.
 Pretty little packages.
 Sorry, this came out blurry and I DID have macro on????
 There are some burgundy color leaf vines, pale pink balls, gold balls, the packages, some pretty drum ornaments, burgundy balls, pink bows and pink with gold bows.
 Here is the stairway as you enter the house.
 Here we go, up the stairs.

 It goes all the way around!

Nice BIG double bows at the bottom of the stairway!
Today I did a clients house for Christmas, her grandchildren are coming for Thanksgiving so she wanted it all finished! So we got it all done. For some reason this year it took alot longer than past years.... MY AGE, perhaps???:):):) Anyway, it all came out very pretty. I took this job over from someone else a few years ago and would LOOOOVE to add to the railing especially. I also told them today that they need a new tree, this one is starting to fall apart! So, we'll see. I hope you enjoy seeing this.


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