A glimpse of my cornucopia and the wine glasses. The glasses have leaves embossed on them.
I made the cornucopia.
Some of the food. We also had meatballs and rolls, wings, and macaroni and cheese in the kitchen and I didn't get any pics of that. The food was YUMMY!!!
 These are lebanon bologna triangles. Next to them is hot wings dip!
 The plates.
Greek dip and Scoops.
The shrimp went fast!
The youngest guest! Dave's nephew Braylon!!!!!! He was SOOOOO good, loved seeing everyone, smiled all over and fell asleep! Not a peep out of him!

Dave and Braylon.
The cake. It was delicious.

Tracy and Dave. We were singing Happy Birthday!!!

Some of Tracy's girlfriends.
We hosted a surprise birthday party for our new son-in-law last night. I only got a few pictures, cause I was BUSY and also having fun! It was a great night!!!


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