I forgot to take a picture of the first layer. It is cream cheese and chives,you spread that on the bottom of the pie plate. This next layer is hummus. I LOVE the Sabra brand.
 Next layer is diced cucumber
 I suggest when you are getting ready for a party you sip some nice, WRM, spiced apple wine:):)
 Next layer is sliced grape tomatoes.
 Then a small can of sliced black olives
 And top it off with crumbled feta cheese. ENJOY!!!!!!!!!! Oh and please ignore the mess arojnd the dip:):)
Here is just one of the things I am making for the (SHHHH) SURPRISE birthday party we are having tomorrow night for our new son-in-law!!!! It is a real crowd pleaser and usually goes FAST!!!! I serve it with Scoops. It is so easy but YUMMY!


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