Isn't he CUTE!!! His pants are a gingerbread print! TOO cute!!!!
Their legs are bendable so I can sit him up on the gingerbread luminary!
I got the Santa last year at Kohl's. The luminary I got last year too.  See the little gingerbread house ornament too!

 Details of the Santa.
 His frosting bag.
 Gingerbread man in his pockets.
I am so excited to get this WONDERFUL gift from my friend!!! She collects the Byers Choice carolers and they also make little people called Kindles. I LOVE them and mentioned last year that I would like to have a couple to add to my Gingerbread luminary. Well, I got 2 today from her!!!!!!!!!! I just LOOOOVE them! She also gave me the little gingerbread ornament you will see in the pics.


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