I thought I would share some of my Fall decorations, since they will be coming down soon to be replaced by CHRISTMAS!!!!!! That is my favorite time to decorate, and decorate I DO!!!! But first we will have Thanksgiving and be reminded of ALL we have to be thankful for. We are very blessed!!!!!!
 This is on my server in my dining room. I saw something similiar on my friend, Yvonne's blog and was a big copy cat!!!:)
 This pretty pumpkin plate in my kitchen, yes, next to the microwave.
 I got 2 of these pottery pumpkins a few years ago at Tuesday Morning.
 I decorate the windowsill in the kitchen. Leaves, lights, and fun pieces.
 A little scarecrow sitter.
 A maple leaf trivet.
 Another pumpkin plate.
 My girlfriend made this many years ago. I changed the pot and the shade.
 A pretty plate from Kohl's. This is on my server in the breakfast room.
 More on the server.

 One of the pumpkins on the hutch in the breakfast room.
I love my pinecone lamp.
 A big ceramic gourd, on the hutch.
A bigger view of the hutch. My Hubby MADE me that hutch!!!!!!
On top of the fridge. My son gave me the copper pumpkin many years ago and I LOOOOOVE it!


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