We've been spending a lot of time outside this week. One of the benefits to potty training in the summer  is enjoying the privacy of your own backyard in your underwear. We get a lot of fresh air and accidents are a lot easier to take on the grass than on my rug. Too much information first thing? Moving on.

So with all of this outside time, we've been using the deck like crazy. In fact, we've used the deck more this spring/summer than we have the whole time we've lived here. And since I still get questions weekly about our deck makeover (read about it here), I thought I would give a progress report.

This is how the deck looked when we finished it exactly one year ago this week.

And this is how the deck looked yesterday. I took my flower boxes down during the last storm and haven't put them back up, and we have an umbrella now, but otherwise these shots are just like the Olsen twins - identical...and a bit boho.

Oh, and one side note - I failed to sweep sufficiently before I took these pictures so enjoy the real life shots. And if you are disgusted by my lack of sweeping, the public flogging is tomorrow at noon.

I am happy to report that we are thrilled with our decision to use Restore Deck Liquid Armor Resurfacer.  (I see that this is a Rustoleum product which might explain why it is so awesome. Rustoleum, I'm happy to become your spokeswoman and I'm not above wearing a spray paint costume on the streets to sing your praises.)

Our deck is pummeled on an hourly basis by several 100+ year old oak trees, a small sanctuary full of birds (thanks to my neighbor and his damn bird feeder) and at least a pound of sidewalk chalk. And it is as if we just painted yesterday.

The color is gray for the many that have asked. And yes, it is just 'gray'. I even double checked the box to make sure. I guess I have gotten used to Benjamin Moore and their snazzy paint names, I'm not used to such a straight forward paint color.

Many have also asked how the texture feels on bare feet. I will tell you that initially there was a bit of a pebbly feel to the floor but quickly that hard texture softened and over time it has just gotten more and more comfortable. As someone who is barefoot as much as the law allows from March to October, I would never allow something that I walk on several times a day to be scratchy or uncomfortable. And Eve has spent a fair amount of time with her bare bum on that floor this week (again, potty training) and has been nothing but smiles. How's that for a ringing endorsement.

That texture is also a help in the rain and ice as it gives you just enough traction to prevent slipping. And it also stays nice and cool to the touch. A very big deal in a place where we have 90+ temps for months on end.

That hard candy shell also does a great job of protecting the finish. Over the past year we've had a few hard storms that have sent pretty big branches straight onto our deck and there is not one mark to show for it. We also kept our table on it throughout the winter and when we picked it up to move it for the party there was not one mark on the deck. Super durable is an understatement. There has been no chipping, peeling, bubbling or any other 'ing'.

The only negative I can come up with is that it does seem to trap dirt a bit in high traffic areas. But it is nothing that a strong hose can't handle. We've power washed it twice and both times the dirt came up with no problems. In fact, when I was at Home Depot the other day I noticed Restore now has a cleaning solution. Fancy. I haven't tried that out yet but I have plans to over the holiday. Do I know how to celebrate America or what?

Oh, and for all of those that were crazed over the fact that we didn't put the stair railings back up...

happy now?

We got that up right before the hospital stay/party. The other side of the railing will come, someday.

So to recap - Restore Liquid Deck Armor is aces. I give it two thumbs up and I would recommend it to any and all of you.

Have you tried any new products lately? Any plans to update your deck? Any ideas on how to hide my neighbors bird feeder?


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