I don't think we have stopped since we have moved in here. Right now we, and by that I mean Joe, are BUSY doing landscaping. We choose the bushes etc. together but HE does all the planting.He counted yesterday and so far he has planted 60 bushes and 3 trees!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He NEEDS a vacation and thank God we are leaving Sat But that is not what this post is about. I decorated the morning room for Spring when I did the kitchen but forgot to show you!!!. So here are some shots I took tonight. The theme is birds, birdcages and NATURE! This birdcage is new this year. I placed a large candle ring inside to look like a nest and a large, carved wooden bird sitting on it.
 There is a sweet bird on top. The whole top lifts off so it is easy to fill!
 This little garden cart is an old piece. I painted it green several years ago. It had been blue when I got it. I added the garden hat, and the little signs.
 I love this chippy bird house that reminds me of a church.
 I got 2 of these pots with nests several years ago at the place where I worked. And my Hummel lamp is a nice light in the evening. I LOVE being able to have alot of houseplants in this house with all the sun we get.
 This is a hawks feather that Joe found in the yard the other day. So pretty!
 I placed this birdhouse on a pedestal and put some faux grass around it and a twiggy ball in front.
 I made this napkin holder MANY years ago! Painted it, added the pots and flowers and birds. The candle holder, ring and candle were a housewarming gift from our dear Yvonne!

 and on the other side a mini basket.
 This cloche had a bunny in it at Easter, do you remember?

 This little vignette is behind the screen in the living room but visable from the morning room table. I stacked 2 plant stands and put a small plant on the top and a green sphere on the bottom.
Thanks so much for your visit. Have a GREAT weekend everyone. XO, pinky


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