Good afternoo! We had a shwing at the old house today so had to go over, turn all the lights on, blow the driveway and decks etc. I brought some clippers over so I could cut some hydrangeas. There are 10 bushes so lts of flowers are JUST starting to bllom. I will be cutting them as they progress too. Hope you enjoy.
 I got this rattan wrapped vase last year but hadn't used it yet. I made a little vignette on the counter, but will probably move the flowers later. Things move around sometimes:) The little clay gardening girl has been around for MANY years. She makes me smile.
 I love the saying on this piece.
 And, I do believe in tomorrow.
 These flowers will be a beautiful blue soon.
 Joe cut a rose off of our Mr. Lincoln rose bush. The color is so pretty and it smells as good as it looks! Added bonus.
 It has POURED rain around here all day so you can see the rain drops on the rose.

Just a short little post to share some pretty with you:) XO, Pinky


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