Hi everyone! I have to say that my dear hubby has been LITERALLY working his butt off. And I mean that: his pants can fall off all on their own!!!! But, the result is wonderful. The builder just does a basic package of a few plants in the front of the house. Joe has done all the way around the rest of the house!!! The only place that isn't planted is where the deck and patio are going to be. Oh, and we had a guy come Thursday to give us an estimate so that could be soon too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to have a deck so I can go out and have my breakfast outside. I used to do that all the time at the old house.So, I will show you around. The builders planted a few bushes in this area, but it gets no sun o very little sun so we have switched out some of the things. The front of the area gets afternoon sun so can have some partial sun bushes. I also added some red and white begonias at the very front. This is the feeder that the bluebirds come to.
 We brought the stepping stones over from the old house. They had been around the pond but we sit here on the bench at the end of the day so didn't want to walk through the mulch. I also brought the cranes out from the basement. I love them.
 It was supposed to rain when I took these so I had taken the cushions inside.
 The left side of the sidewalk was not planted, we did that. I really wanted to do that. After the driveway is done we may do both sides of the driveway too....
 This is the right side of the house. The grass just came up to the house so Joe outlined the beds, sprayed the grass to kill it, turned it all over, then planted all the bushes. Most we bought but some came from the other house.
 The doubl hook now has a hanging plant and a lantern.
 The tallest plant is a magnolia! We have never had one!
While we were building, these 2 large rocks were on the property. The builder said we can have them and they will move them for us. Still waiting on that but it will happen soon, I hope! We have plans for them:)

 This frog used to be on the front porch. He is content no mater where he is:) I planted a red, pink and salmon geranium around him. Soon they will be lush and full.
 The lilies we got at Lowes during the winter as bulbs. We planted them inside, in a plastic container. Then in the Spring we brought them outside! They are doing GREAT!!!!! Another rock that Joe dug up:)
 LOVE the deep, rich color.

 This is a bed at the back right corner. We plan to put maybe a forsythia or some other flowering bush here, along with some other things too. The rock, Joe dug up while making the beds.
 This is the back of the house. The droopy thing to the left of the rock is a transplanted peony. It will perk up soon, it is in shock right now:)
 Along the back (south facing) we have all rose bushes!!!!!

 This is the gardenia topiary that Joe gave me for Mother's Day.  It is sitting here til the deck is built then will be ON the deck!
 It is full of buds right now!!!!! Can you see them?
 This is the east side and just gets morning sun. Hydrangeas live here along with some hostas and other things.

 We feellike we have made  good start. There are people who have been here a year or 2 who don't have as much planted so we are happy with what we have accomplished so far. But then we do enjoy it.
 The hay is where they came back and reseeded cause we had a bare spot.

 I have  several sets of cushions for the bench that I will share too, I promise.
 I also made a Faux flowering hanging basket for the porch since the fushia died. It just got beat to death with the wind and also NO sun. So I decided to go Faux and i think it looks pretty good. That will be in another post.

 We had a real pretty sunset the other night so I thought I would include these shots too.

Thanks so much for your visit. Hope you enjoyed the tour. I will be more focused on sharing INSIDE now that we have most of the landscaping done. Have a beautiful week my friends. XO, Pinky
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