We interrupt our regular scheduled design post for a bit of mother-related talk and baby pictures. We've got some big news in this house. The moment all parents look forward to with excitement and dread.

Eve is ready for potty training.

All the signs are there and I'm more than ready to be done with diapers. And while Eve is my sweet and always-happy-to-cuddle daughter, she is also rather...willful. Rules and directions hold no interest for her which, of course, is the exact opposite of Amelia.

With Amelia, I explained what we were going to do, took off the diapers and we hunkered down in the house for three or four days and went cold turkey. No pull ups, just lots of clean ups. But she got it pretty quickly in that classic first child over-achiever kind of way. It was smooth sailing.

Eve, I think, is going to require a different tactic however. So I'm looking for ideas. I've read them all - M&M's, charts, gifts, etc. but I want to know, what worked for you...or your kids rather. How did you potty train your kids?


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