We have been here in this house for almost 2 years!!! Can you believe it??? It will be 2 years on Oct. 1st! The kitchen got organized when we moved in but now we have made some SIGNIFICANT changes to make it totally functional. THIS is the kitchen I always dreamed of!!!! Plenty of caninets and drawers and EVERYTHING organized!!! It is kitchen HEAVEN!!!  I have 2 TINY pantries but have organized them the best way I can think of. I had these turntables at the old house and they make finding everything SO easy!!! You can tell I have had them for YEARS as they don't make the "harvest gold" anymore:):)

 The 2 trash cans hold Trash and recycleables.
 We also installed these racks on the pantry doors.
 I have a knife block IN one of the drawers next to the stove. It also holds extra utensils.
 The cabinet under the stove holds pots and Joe installed these racks that make it SO functional!!!
 The pots are on the bottom and the lids are above them. Perfect!!!

Next to that is a pull out with glass baking dishes and my colanders.
 My spices are in the corner cabinet, on turntables, and arranged alphabetically THAT makes it EASY to find whatever you are looking for. It is worth the time to arrange them this way!!!

 I don't drink coffee but Joe does so we have a Keurig and Joe has the coffees and mugs together in this cabinet.
 This cabinet holds all my bowls. Mixing bowls and glass bowls that are used for mixing and storage. The lids are stored beside the bowls.
 This cabinet stores our everyday dishes and bowls. The dishes usually change seasonally but I usually have a set of white dishes in here year round.
 We have this WONDERFUL corner cabinet. In the old house I DREAMED of a cabinet like this. It houses all my baking things.

 Here is the cabinet with my storage pieces.  Also on the right there are 2 plastic bowls that I use outside on the deck for serving. I was THRILLED when I foubnd out that every bottom cabinet came with a pull out shelf!
 The bottom cabinet houses this turntable with storage containers and liids.

 I have put all white dishes in the glass front cabinets. I love the look!!!

 This is the other pantry with the wire shelving on the door.
 This pantry houses seasonal things: some dishes, napkin rings, candles etc., etc.
 Alomg with some food items, my vitamins, crackers etc.

 I have 2 LARGE drawers that hold my cutlery, some utensils etc.

 This drawer is my junk drawer: every kitchen has one, Right???
 This drawer holds plastic bags and wraps.
 Below that drawer are my dish towels and OV GLOVES.
 The bottom drawer is kinda miscellaneous stuff. Right now the extra set of hummingbird feeders are in there along with a duster and some other things.
 Cutting boards and cookie sheets
 Trash bags and my Miracle Grow fertilizer for watering my plants.
 Underneath are extra cutting boards (decorative) and melamine dishes for outside.

I hope you have gotten some ideas for YOUR kitchen. Having everything organized and within reach makes life SO much easier!! I finally have the kitchen I have always wanted!!!! Thanks for stopping by. I hope you will leave me a comment and I can can get back to you. I am partying here:
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