I am so behind. I've got piles of work to do, emails to answer and projects to finish amongst other things. So if you are waiting on an email from me I'm sorry I haven't responded yet.

But for the moment I just have to vent and let you know that I HATE MY DISHWASHER.

We have a Maytag QuietSeries and it has sucked from the first month we got it.

It doesn't clean dishes but actually leaves so much goo on them that they are often worse when we take them out. There is never a load that I don't have to re-wash at least a quarter of the items again. Now I know I am not a mechanical engineer but I was under the impression that a dishwasher was supposed to...wash!

The prongs inside the racks started to rust and fall off within six months of purchasing it brand new from the Maytag store.

We've called and emailed and I can tell you that Maytag customer service doesn't know how to clean up a mess any better than their dishwashers do. They gave us gems like 'read the manual' or 'call a repair man'. I felt supported.

Then, about two years into our hate/hate relationship we got a letter from Maytag saying that the dishwasher was being recalled for a faulty drying system (that isn't all that is faulty about it Maytag). They offered to send a repair man free of charge to fix this issue (and only that issue) OR issue us a $100 credit toward a new dishwasher. However, that new dishwasher had to be at least $300 more than we paid for our existing dishwasher.

I am not buying a single thing from Maytag again so that credit was of course thrown out. I've spoken to others who have had similar issues with Maytag. I guess misery loves company.

Do you have any dishwasher recommendations? Had any problems with an appliance in your house? Ever wanted to strangle an inanimate object?


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