Happy Monday y'all. Raise your hand if you could have used an extra day this weekend. Me too. And thanks to everyone for your ideas on the battle of the dying hydrangeas. I think I've found a solution which I'll share as soon as I get around to fixing it.

But for today, let's talk pretty bathrooms. I've had bathrooms on the brain lately, must be all of that potty training madness, so I thought we could ease into the week with some eye candy.

I like the idea of a his and her sink but with each side having a bit of its own personality. Especially since right now all we have is one his/her/her/her sink.

A large shower would be fun because this is a dream and why not have a large shower.

And of course a soaking tub with a view so I can look out at the ocean just beyond my pool.

In a master bath I like the idea of keeping everything white

and then adding some amazing fixtures

and marble. Some sort of marble.

The room will be bathed in natural light thanks to a skylight or two. (C'mon, that was a good Monday morning pun.)

And the cherry on top, some wonderful scones

Yes, it might be a lot of space for CoCo to clean. but he loves to stay busy. And since he makes his own organic cleaning solution, the whole place is left smelling like lavender. That CoCo, he's the best.

How about you? What does your dream bathroom look like?
And don't forget to come back on Wednesday to see how the bench turned out.

Find more great bathroom idea on my Pinterest board.


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