She returns!

Is there any day worse than the first day after a glorious two week vacation? I think not. But I did miss y'all terribly and it does feel good to see a computer again (sort of).

We didn't get home last night until about 10 pm thanks to a three hour delay around Chattanooga, so I feel behind already. A dead stop on the highway in the mountains with two antsy girls (three if you count me) is not a prime Sunday drive, let me tell you.

So as I dig everything out of the car and start the mountain of laundry, imagine I'm spending my day working at this lovely spot.

Ahh, memories.

But have no fear, I had many projects going before I left, so I'll have plenty to share with you in the coming days!

So tell me, what did I miss while I was gone? Anything good? I need details people!


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