I am adding these pictures cause I found the perfect accent pillow RIGHT HERE IN THE HOUSE!!!! I had forgotten about this pillow and I think it is the perfect finishing touch! I swear I am done now:):) Thanks for putting up with me:):)

Good morning, friends! The other day I showed you our new bedding for Summer. On Thurs. I was in Burlington Coat Factory and they had SETS of throw pillows for $14.99 a set!!!! I found these 2 square pillows that I thought would be perfect with the new bedding and they ARE!!!! I love ALOT of pillows on the beds!!!! I also remembered I had the small rectangular pillow stashed away so added that too. I would love to find a "neckroll" pillow for that spot but for now it is fine.
 The small pillow has long fringe on it and it has an angel design. If you click on the picture to enlarge you mIGHT see the design.
 I wish I knew how to embroider, I might add something to the center of the pillow, like a bee or butterfly!

NOW, I am happy with the bedding!!!! My hubby is happy that I am happy:):):)  Have a great weekend everyone! WE are going to my GRADE SCHOOL reunion tonight.....I shudder to tell you how many years:):):)    50!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XO, Pinky


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