Joe and I spent over 3 hours raking, blowing and hauling leaves on a tarp to the woods today. We are TOO OLD for this:):) When we could barely move, I decided to sit by the pond and snap some pictures. The colors of Spring are all around us now and more to come! This is the hummingbird flag next to the pond.
 I also edged all around the pond and one other bed.
 Some random shots around the pond.
 This azalea is bent WAY out of shape searching for the sun!
 The candleabra promroses are blooming now.

 I only have ONE lily of the valley!!!! For some reason they seem to be dying out???? I used to have ALOT! I just love them, they smell heavenly!
 This is a deciduous azalea, it loses its leaves in the winter. But it has huge flowers.
 Looking towards the swing. That is a great spot to relax too. I will take a picture from the swing for a future post.
 Lavender azaleas on the hill.

 This is one of our favorite rhododendrons. It has white flowers with this purple marking.
 So pretty!

 Ooops, ignore the tarp in the background:) We started off with a different tarp and it split in half....we are hard on our garden things:):)
 White azaleas.

 ONE of our frogs looking for a meal:)

 This rhodo off the deck is FILLED with buds and blooms!

 This is a miniature rose we got a week or so ago.
 Begonia with huge flowers.

 Joe got me this anthurium for Mother's day, just one of my gifts.

Hope you all had a wonderful Mother's day. I was so busy I didn't have a chance to blog.  Tomorrow I will show some things I ahve done INSIDE to brighten things up for Spring! Thanks so much for stopping by. Please, leave me a comment and let me know you were here! XO, Pinky You can click on pictures to enlarge.


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