Joe and I went to Longwood Gardens today to walk around since it was a nice day. Longwood is located in Kennett Square, Pa. It was the home of Henry Francis DuPont and is now open to the public. We are members so can go anytime we want! It is always beautiful as the displays change with the seasons. Hope you enjoy this virtual tour!!! This bed was aqualegia (columbine) and snapdragons.
 Here are some close ups of the aqualegias. We have several of these in our gardens too, it is Joe's favorite perrenial. Many times it will reseed itself.
 LOVED this one.

 Beautiful tulips.
 These all were planted and will be removed for new things to go in for the summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Ruffled tulips
 Look at the foxgloves!!!!!!!!!!

 Mr. bee was busy here.
 OH!  Be still my heart!!!!

 soft, delicate color.

 Red snapdragons
 so vivid.
 Red and orange, a favorite combination of mine.

 I forget what these are but loved the purple or blue centers!!!!
 A white bed.
 See the GREEN on the petal?
 Foam flower. We used to have this but it died out...
 Cinnamon fern.

 Remember I showed you our candelabra primroses? Longwood has them too!!!!!
 The Italian Garden fountains.
 Blue aqualegia and purple anemone.....beautiful! White allysum.

 The view as you enter the conservatory.
 The TALL flower is called  Tower of ----------, I forget! But I will check on Longwoods site and get back to this.

 Clivia, beautiful tropical flower. My FIL used to ahve these.
 Pink and white hydrangeas! SOOOO pretty!

 From the other end of the conservatory

 White astilbe. We have several different colors of astilbe in our yard. I will show you when they bloom. We have red and pink and white.
 Pink lace cap hydrangea.

 Easter lily
 oriental lily
 HUGE hanging baskets but I couldn't see what the flower is.....
 This is called" cane like begonia"!!!!
 the flowers hang like bleeding heart does.
 inside the conservatory.
 pink astilbe
 it is FLUFFY!!!!!
 These are hanging fushias but I couldn't get a good shot due to the glare from the sky lights....
 Hanging hydrangeas!
 HUGE flowers...these are in pots on the ground.
 Had to be at least 10 inches across.
 Hanging hydrangeas all down the corridor!
 Huge gardenia!
 MMMM, smells SO good!
Hope you have enjoyed your virtual tour! Please let me know you were here by leaving me a comment! Thanks so much! XO, Pinky Don't forget, you can click on the pics top enlarge. I am joining The Tablescaper for Seasonal  


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