Yes, we were BABIES when we got married all those years ago!  Young, but in love and so HAPPY to be married. Joe was looking a little green that night but he WAS happy! I promise.
 Last night we had a reservation for dinner at 6, the time we got married. We had a delicious dinner and had some wine with dinner. At our "reception", just a dinner really, we drank MILK cause we weren't old enough to drink!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Isn't that a riot!!!!
 This is me and my son at our daughter's wedding last Sept.  That was a VERY happy day for all of us!
 Here we all are with the happy couple. Just thought I would share a few pics of that happy day too! Had to make this one smaller cause Joe got cut off!!!
I am so greateful for my Joe, for the life we have built, for our 2 amazing children (and now son-in-law) and all the blessings God has bestowed on us!!!! Thanks so much for stopping by. Love to you all. XO, Pinky


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