I'm a sucker for a good estate sale. Saturday mornings I'm granted a few hours to run away, thanks husband, and quietly walk thru people's homes and look thru their stuff. Totally normal and not the least bit freaky, right? Not only can you find great stuff (sometimes) but the people watching is just...wow.

My expectations are always low so I'm giddy when I find something. Nothing I'm taking to the Antique Roadshow, but some fun stuff.

I've been on the lookout for a side table for the living room that wasn't round, apparently I have a round table fetish, so I was happy to snag this one up for $15. And no, that isn't dust on that table, its someones sad attempt at sanding.

They got a bit further on the top of the table, but luckily for me, they gave up. Since this isn't some fab piece of craftsmanship (I would not be allowed in my parent's home if I painted a 'good' piece of furniture) I'm thinking I might do something fun like this.

Great table top by Hannah Kate Flora
Or maybe this.

Awesome dresser by Nick Olsen

Or even something like this.

Pinned Image
Via Pinterest
I keep you posted on what I decide.

I also scored some great little trays and two Hermes boxes. All for $8. "What cha gonna do with those old boxes?" said the old man when I handed over my money. Good question old man. Good question.

And a disclaimer regarding the post title. Not a day passes that I don't link at least a dozen thoughts in my head to movies. And I cannot think of painting furniture without thinking of Raising Arizona.  So you will often find references to movies in odd places when talking with me. I can't help it. It is just part of my problem charm.

So have you had any luck at garage sales lately? Any ideas on good paint color/options for my table? You can't answer me because you are off to rent Raising Arizona at Red Box aren't you? I thought so.


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