Happy Monday everyone! I know most of the country is caught in the grip of HEAT! We are supposed to be up to 100 by Friday. UGH!!! So, on Sat. I decided to get out my collection of shells and do some summer decorating around here. If I can't BE at the beach, at least I can feel like I am, right???? I started in the living room and that is what I will show you today. Tomorrow we will move on to the foyer and dining room. Don't forget, you can click on any picture to enlarge and get a better view! This is my coffee table in the living room (that you have seen 100 times, LOL). I just added some starfish and a shell to the vignette.

 I got this new starfish when we went to OBX in June. I have been collecting shells for a LOOOONG time, probably 30 years or more!
 This one has a bluish cast to it. Love that!
 I got some new pillows for the sofa. The pond is right off the deck outside the living room doors so when I saw this koi pillow I HAD to have it. I just LOVE it!!!!!!
 And the blue looks so pretty for summer with my blue and white porcelains around the room.
 I have had these 2 shell pillows for a few years.
 I love having a cream colored sofa: I can just change out the pillows and have an entirely new look!

 Whoops, didn't notice the throw was messed up....

 I have nevr shown you this "birds eye view"! This is from the bridge upstairs.
 The sun shing through the skylight.

 There is a railing on each side of the stone wall of the fireplace. The wall goes up 2 stories.
So, please come back tomorrow for the rest of the tour:):) I love surrounding myself with beautiful treasures from nature! I say, if you have a collection, SHOW IT!!!! I really enjoy my shell things in the summer. Try to stay coll now. Thanks so much for stopping by!!!! XO, Pinky


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