The other day my hubby came home with a gift for me, just because. It is this GORGEOUS Mandivilla!!!!!!!!!! The color is spectacular and it is growing beautifully! We put it on the landing of the back deck so it can wrap around the railings. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I never saw one this color, only the pink!
 I have to put this into a pretty pot but have to go get one.

 WOW! Isn't Mother Nature amazing???
 Whoops, blurry. Sorry!

 On one of the eaves under the deck, a robin made this nest and the babies are about to try their wings! When I took these I THOUGHT there was only one baby but.....

 I think that is 2!!!!! Do you agree????
I hope everyone has a wonderful, long, holiday weekend!!!!! We are going to a picnic on Sunday but that is the only thing we have planned. Tomorrow I have GOT to clean! Today I went to a friends house who has a POOL and it was glorious! I will show you pictures from today a little later. Thanks for stopping by. XO, Pinky


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