Happy Saturday everyone! I have gottten ALOT accomplished today and will take some pics and share with you when I can stand again! I am exhausted:):) BUT, this past Wed. I drove down to Avalon, N.J. to see my sister. She flew up from Fl. and is staying with her best friend who takes care of HER Mother and just had surgery so Sue is helping her out. This is their house (my sister's friends Mother's house) that is. It was built in the 70's I believe and now when people buy these older homes at the beach they tear them down and build BIIIIIG homes!

 This is a family room on the ground floor. The bedrooms are down here too except for the master and the kitchen and dining and living room are all upstairs.
 This is an example of a new home. This is right next door and was built 2 years ago.

 Nice pool in the back yrad.
 This is me and Sue with her girlfriends Mother. They lived 2 doors from us when we were growing up! Mrs. S. had 13 children!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You should have seen her cook! All 3 meals were done in 2 shifts! Mr. S. worked at the Phila. Naval Yard so they could shop at the PX there, thank goodness!!!!!
 Mrs. S. had a stroke several years ago but she is quite an amazing lady! She took us all out to dinner on Wed. night!
On Thurs. Sue and I went to Cape May for the day and had a GREAT time. I took pics with my phone but can't seem to get them on here???? Just thought I would share some pics. I have been BUSY doing my Fall decorating and I will start posting that on Sun. night or Mon. Hope you are all having a GREAT weekend! It is coool here, perfect for doing Fall! XO, Pinky


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