Good morning all! How are you on this almost spring morning?

I'm finally getting out of the weekend haze. I woke up Saturday morning to find we were out of dog food. And as anyone who has a Beagle knows, meals CANNOT be missed. So I quickly put a coat on over my PJs and ran out to the store to pick up a bag.

On my way home I noticed a sign for an estate sale. I didn't really have the time to go in, and I was certainly not dressed to be out (I'd already pressed my luck in an empty grocery store) but I couldn't resist.

"I'll only stop if it looks like a good old house", I told myself. As I got further down the street, and saw how insane the parking was I got even more excited. "If this many people are here, there has to be some good stuff." I considered the dog at home, who at this point was probably wining uncontrollably, but I couldn't resist. "She can wait five more minutes. I'll just run thru. Fastest run thru ever." I slipped into a spot close to the house as someone was leaving. I jumped out and was in a full speed walk sprint.

Quickly I weaved my way thru each room, finding some things that perked my interest but nothing worth stopping for. Actually, it was a good way to go thru a sale as it made me really prioritize what was 'worth it'. I thought it had been a wash, nothing good to nab. But luckily, two old ladies stop in front of me to argue over a quilt which blocks my way to the front door, which makes me back track and go thru the garage...where I saw them.

Two little (dusty) side tables who said "We are light and oh so cute. You can carry us under your arm and still be home before the dog starts to chew on your child's arm." They need some love, which always makes me like something even more and then I saw my very favorite words -

'As is'. $15 later, these babies were in my trunk and on their way home. I mean how often do you ever find a pair of anything?

I love their little stars.

And their arrows. Wahoo!

And I know just where they will be going...

After a good cleaning they will need some attention. What do you think? A big pop of color? Black? Wood?

Oh, and a paint color was picked for the bedroom. More on that this week.

How was your weekend? Do anything exciting? Torture any dogs with promises of breakfast?


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