Good evening everyone! I am so happy to join Yvonne at On The Menu Monday. You, too can join in, go over to  and link up YOUR recipe or just find some fabulous food!!!! I am showing you my lasagna. I know my kids and family are VERY prejudiced but they swear I should sell this to restaurants. I make my sauce with tomato sauce, paste and crushed tomotoes. I add about 1/2 pound each of sweet Italian sausge and ground beef, sauteed and DRAINED. I also chop a green pepper, some mushrooms and an onion. I sprinkle in about a Tbls. each of parsley, Italian seasoning and basil. At the end I add 2 cloves of garlic, pressed. I put enough sauce in the bottom of a pan to cover it.
 I boil my lasagna noodles according to the pkg. directions then drain them well.
 I mix a large container of part skim ricotta and 1 egg and some parsley. I am bad about measuring, I just add it til it looks right:):)
 Now we start layering. We will end up with 3 layers. First place the noodles verticallly...
 Add 1/2 of the ricotta mixture and then 1/2 of
 your mozzarella that you have grated (or a bag that you buy).
 Next the noodles go horizontally. You will need to cut the ends off the noodles.
 Add another layer of sauce onto that
 Another layer of ricotta and mazzarella
 The 3rd layer of noodles is next.
 Then sauce and that's it!!!! Bake this at 350 for about an hour. OR you can freeze it to cook later. I did this one in a foil pan because I was freezing it to take to a party in Pittsburg 2 weeks ago. This last picture is out of order and I can't delete it???? You will end up with sauce on the top of the last layer of noodles.
I will also join Michael Lee for Foodie Friday at on Friday. Thanks for stopponmg by and happy eating!!!!!! XO, Pinky


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