I've been keeping a secret from you.

I know, I know. Its a terrible thing to do to a friend.

Its a dirty secret too. And pretty smelly...with lots of earwax gold. And I suspect some cat hair.

I had long wanted a loveseat for our living room and a year (or so) ago I got this one for my birthday. Whoop whoop. Perfect in so many ways - nice lines, structurally in good shape and full of potential. So like anything with potential, it sat in my basement for a good 10 months. As you can see though, sister has seen better days. Judging from the fabric, those days were in the 60s. And not the cool mod Mad Men 60s. More like your grandma's doilies and tupperware 60s.

Finally, we brought it upstairs and put it in the living room for some shock therapy. If you stare at this thing long enough, you'll get your butt in gear to fix it! (the only one who would sit on it was me...and the dog.) 

When prepping the house for our recent first birthday party we moved it out to the garage (we didn't want to scare our guests) and that was enough to push me over the edge. I officially have a bee in my bonnet.

I'm ready to tackle the old girl. So now, the big decisions.

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Do I want to paint it? What color? Do I want solid fabric, or a pattern? Nail head or piping? And the biggest question of all...do I attempt to reupholster this myself? Keep the tufting or loose it? So many decisions! (the only thing I know for sure is I want one cushion rather than two) What do you think? I'd love your feedback!!
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First step, no matter what, is to rip off this fabric and get the wood sanded and ready for paint...or stain. Decisions Decisions.


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