Oh Casey Kasem. You were the Confucius of our time. Now we are stuck with Ryan Seacrest. But this is a (worthy) discussion for another time.

Today I'm talking gold. I'm loving it. I need it. Since finishing my glitter vase for the Pinterest Challenge, I've been looking for something else to dip in gold and it didn't take me long to find my next victim subject. 

You all might remember these little honeys I picked up at an estate sale several months back.
The stars, my favorite detail of the tables, were just screaming for some gold.
I've had the tables in my living room for several weeks now, on approval from the basement, trying out the current finish. And although it wasn't bad, it wasn't working for me.

So the first step was to take the table out and gave it several light and even coats of my trusty black Rust-oleum Painter's Touch Ultra Cover spray paint.
The table after her first coat of black

After 4 coats of black and a day of sunbathing to dry, my stars were ready for their closeup.
I got a Krylon Gold Leaf Pen at Michael's and went to town. I love this pen. It is like a marker for grown ups. I put a napkin under the star to protect the rest of the table and then just sat down and colored. (That star spins, I know pretty cool, so I would just paint the part of the star that was on the napkin, spin and repeat.) And it dries super fast so I was able to do several coats rather quickly.
Just the pop I was looking for. You can see these suckers from across the room. Not in a bad 'what the hell are those' way though, more in a 'who is that hot man across the room' way. The gold would have never stood out as well on the mahogany-ish finish.
Looking good Mr. Carter. But it wasn't enough to give me my fix, I needed more than just the four stars. Speaking of, have you ever tried to take a picture that shows all four ends of a rectangle? Don't bother, it can't be done.
So to up the gold factor, I 'dipped' the legs. Obviously they aren't technically dipped as I can't fit those thick legs into a tiny little pen, but you get the idea.
Yes, my floors need to be refinished but that will have to happen another year. Look at the legs instead. They are pretty. They are gold. Oohhh. Ahhhh.
I love it. So much so that I know move the table all ove the house, changing it up each time. Good thing I have another one in the basement.
And a quick public service announcement about the glitter used earlier in the week - make sure you store all glitter in a locked cabinet, just like your liquor, or your children will get a hold of it and 'dust' the table with it.

One dipped table completed, one more to go.

Have you tried the Gold Leaf pen? Found yourself slapping a new to you color on anything that will stand still? Don't be surprised if my girls have been painted gold by the end of the summer.

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