I know this picture is not the picture of disaster, but I wanted to EASE gently into this. As you know, we have to have a whole new septic system installed to sell this house. The laws have changed since we built this house, 28 years ago. This is NOT something we want to do but we have to. So this beautiful, pink azalea is one of the bushes that has been sacrificed. This is how it looked this Spring. And this beautiful Japanese maple is still standing but wait til you see what has happened around it.
 This is a view looking down from the back deck towards the pond. The grassy area you see in this shot is GONE. You'll see that soon.
 This is the circle in the yard and the bush that is leaning Will be gone tomorrow. There is now a HUGE, mountain of dirt there as you will see.
THIS is the woods!!!!! They took 2 huge 100 foot trees down then CLEARED all the underbrush in the area for the drain field. There are 4 LARGE pipes here now.

 These are the pipes going from the house to the drian field.
 The drain field covered back up. I wonder how many years it will take for the woods to fill in again???? It hurts my heart.
 This is the HUGE digging machine that is sitting in the back yard right off the deck.
 This hole is probably 8 feet deep. Oh my Lord. It will hold the new tank.

 This almost caused REAL disaster! When they were digging here, they uncovered the 2 pipes that come out from the house from the geothermal heat pump and also the plumbing and septic. But when they uncovered them they knocked them backwards and BROKE one so water was pouring out. It LOOKED like it was coming from INSIDE the house but after alot of running around and fright, they discovered it was broken OUTSIDE and were able to fix it. Thank God, that would have meant ALOT of problems!!!! Too many to list here.

 The new tank being lowered into the hole.

 In place.
 And now the pipes from the house are connected, inside that pipe.
 This 20 foot rhodo had to be sacrificed too. It is the one right off the deck that is always COVERED in blooms. We MAY be able to salvage it and move it to another location.
 THIS huge pile of dirt is in the circle I showed you early in the post.
So, that is where we are today. Tomorrow they will be back to finish, then they will regarde, reseed, and Joe will try to make the yard presentable again. I feel so bad for him. He really has put his heart and soul into this yard for all these years. Well, we both have really.I hate to see him upset with this mess but I know he will make it as beautiful as possible for the new owners.
Thanks so much for stopping by and for following us on this journey! I will show you where we are on the NEW house soon. They HAVE dug the hole and today were supposed to start doing the footings. I hope we can get there tomorrow night and get some more pics that I can share with you. XO, Pinky


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