Some good news!! On Sat. when we went to the lots at the new house we saw that they had dug the hole. Tonight we went out and they have poured the footings!!! We are on our way! It was nice to see something good as there is MORE mess in our backyard today:( Our new next door neighbors came out and offered to take a picture of Joe and I. The next picture is from where the driveway will be.

 This is from the west side of the house. So Joe is at the back of the house.
 Here he is stabding where the sitting room off our master bedroom will be.
 This space will be the bar area in the basement and above that the morning room off the kitchen.
 I think he is at where the front door will be.

 That is the clubhouse that you can see between the 2 houses behind us. I love that it is close but not so close that any noise would disturb us.
 I zoomed in on this one.

 It is very exciting to start this new chapetr in our lives. Thanks for coming along on this journey with us.
XO, Pinky


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