Hi everyone! I was out the other day, just browsing....HA!.. and found this wonderful bottle/vase! It came from TJMaxx. I just loved it and since all my bud vases are packed I HAD to buy it, right??? I mean I had this lily in a kitchen glass for heaven sake!!!  I love the rattan wrapping on it.  I think it could be used in so many ways. I put it on the coffee table in the living room so the HEAVENLY scent would be in there.
 It sits next to my faux hydrangea arrangement that I made severeal years ago. I wish I could find a SMALL urn like the one I did it in to do a tutorial for you!
 When I cut this lily some of the buds were JUST starting to open. In my haste I forgot to take the tag off the bottle:)
      Isn't God's artwork just amazing????
 Today all 5 flowers are open and the scent it just amazing. I sit on the sofa to read and am surrounded by the perfume of the lillies.

I will join Marty for Table Top Tuesday @ A Stroll Thur Life  Thanks for stopping by!!! Have a great weekend everyone. On another note they are still working on the new septic system but think they will be done by the end of today.......................I doubt it:):) XO, Pinky


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