Were we supposed to have had a weekend? Because if we did, I missed it. I barely sit down and its Monday again. Oh joy. I've got errands and sanding to do today for I've made myself quite the ambitious schedule for the week. I find I'm my most nieve on Monday mornings, might as well set my sights high.

I do though want to share the highlight of my weekend. Look at the pretty package I received on Saturday.

It is the canvas I won on Kat's fab blog from the uber talented Liz at Birdaria. It is even bigger and better than I expected, and my expectations were high! I will be pinning more this week for sure as it is never too early to start my Christmas list. (are you listening Luke?)

So thank you again to Liz and to Kat for the wonderful gift. I've got big plans for it!

To a successful Monday!


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