HA!!! Gotcha with that one:):) Actually I went to my friends house and she has a pool. A beautiful pool and she invited a group of us for a little "wine and whine pool party"!! Only myself and my friend Wenda could make it but we had a great time! Janet has these blow up boats that we decided were our YACHTS:):) We floated around in the pool and talked the afternoon away. Isn't her pool pretyy! 2 years ago she had the bottom done black. It sure warms up the water. It was 86 degrees and just perfect.
 We first had a little lunch! I brought the shrimp and made Jacqueline's cocktail sauce from Purple Chocolate Home. It was YUMMY! I also sprinkle lemon juice over the shrimp and serve them with extra lemon wedges.
 Wenda brought a big turkey hoagie that we sliced into 4 servings since another girl was coming later.
It was a beautiful, relaxing afternoon with friends. Thanks, Janet!!!! XO, Pinky


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