I made a promise to myself the last time I saw the Pinterest Challenge, that the next time it came around I would join in the fun.

So when Katie, Sherry, Kate and Michelle told me it was that time of year I did a little happy jig. But my dancing stopped when the hubs pointed out that I was "already in the middle of 4 other big projects. Do you really want to add another one?" 

Must he always be so practical? 

I did see his point though. But hey, not everything on Pinterest needs to be big. So I decided I'd do something that I could tackle during craft time with my daughter. 

Resume happy jig.

The goal, for me, was to pick something very different. Something that made me say 'I love it' and 'that is nothing like anything I have in my house'.

So when I saw this fab mason jar turned disco vase by The Knotty Bride I knew I'd found my project.  And how thrilled would my 4-year-old, Amelia, be to help me with glue and glitter?! Mom of the Month club, are you reading this?

The tutorial is simple and straightforward, perfect for the likes of me. 

I got my supplies and used a leftover glass vase from Eve's birthday party as my test subject.

Everything went swimmingly until the glue brush broke and fell onto the table and then into my lap, slopping glue all over everything. This would never happen to a serial craft person I'm sure. You are lucky I love you Martha, otherwise I would have thrown some of my cussing in your direction.

With glue all over the jar, the table and myself, we got to the fun part, the glitter. I used the left over cake box from my birthday to contain the glitterness. 

We rolled and rolled until we got this.

It worked! And it was fun and messy and quick. Amelia quickly claimed it as 'hers' so I decided to do another using my very favorite bottle. 

I save these bottles from a bar that the hubs and I always visit on date night. They make a blissful G&T. And the bottles are a perfect shape for a single flower. Win win.

Lather. Rinse. Repeat. And I have a lovely glitter tonic bottle.

A perfect way to honor my favorite drink and event - date night. 

When we finished Amelia said "oh mommy - they are the most pretty gold dancing balls!". (I think she means disco ball. Don't even get me started on how proud I am that she knows what a disco ball is.)

It was a fun afternoon. And I now have something funky and different from anything else in my house. It also brings out the gold in Mary Katherine Gallagher the Owl . I love it.

And how can you argue with the sparkle it gives when the sun catches it.


Thanks ladies, for encouraging me to get my craft on!

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