HA!!! Gotcha!!! No, this is NOT the house we stayed in, this was across the street. I guess I should actually not call it a beach house, more of a beach mansion:):)  I went down last Wed. morning, did some shopping (there is a BIG Home Goods) then met the girls for lunch. Then we went to the house and unpacked and relaxed til Dinner.  On the first night we always all bring a snack and share. Here are some of the YUMMY things we had. Shrimp....
 Caprese Bites, YUM!!!!...

 Pasta salad
 I brought the meatballs....
 This was my drink: I will get the recipe from my girlfriend. It was delish:)
 Here is another shot of the house across the street.
 From the beach
 Thurs. morning I took a walk to the beach. The boardwalk was kinda deserted.
 I can smell the salt air:):)
 AHHHHHH.....there's the ocean!

I LOOOOVE the ocean.

 A seagulls tracks

 Standing in the water. It was warm!

 A dog, playing in the surf.

 Heaven....at least to me.
My sister asked me to get her a shell and this was the ONLY one I saw:(
 Gorgeous blue skies

 My flip flop, flip flops:):)
 Going back to the house
 We were 2 doors down from the beach

 This was "our" house
 My room was on the top floor on the right there
 the front porch, I forgot to take a pic of the back screened in porch. We hung out there alot.
 Back to the beach Fri. morning for an hour and a half til I had to leave:(:(

Thanks so much for your visit. I am crazy busy this week getting ready to GO, so this could be my last post for awhile. BUT, I WILL be back:):) Joining some of these parties, HOPEFULLY:):) XO, Pinky
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