I missed you!

To be totally honest, I think I miss the beach a bit more, but it is good to be home. We don't believe in easing back into things though as we got home and immediately are in to doc appointments, client meetings and of course, back to school. Pre-K is "super cool", in case you hadn't heard. (I feel the same way about Mother's Day Out)

Once I sift thru all the photos and goodies we brought back, I'll be sure to share. Two quick things learned on our trip though: #1- If I even win the lottery, I'm going to travel the country and go from flea market to flea market and #2 - The hubs has an untapped gift for making sand animals. Who knew? I'll save that last story for cocktail hour.

Back to my mountain of laundry, but I will leave you with this.

The living room fabric story has been decided and we are going for COLOR.


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