Hey all! The gallery wall has gotten a spruce.

I was lucky enough to win a print from BirdAve Studio via Pawleys Island Posh right before my vacation and I finally got around to hanging it up.

It was hard to pick just one, and I'll definitely be getting more, but out of all the cities from all over the world I decided on Des Moines. Because of it's world class nightlife and excellent shopping of course. Actually it's where the hubs and I met (college) and it is a very happy place with very happy memories.

A great addition to the corner and one of the many perks of a gallery wall - the more the merrier. There is always room to add another special piece.

So how about you? Did you get to gettin' on any projects this weekend? Did you see the RHONJ reunion?  There aren't words for those ladies.

More spruces to come!


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