I'm currently working on a little experiment in the dining room. As much as I love that big chunky sisal rug, it is a pain in my arse. It is not very easy to clean when little ones drop their food and it sheds like a...something that sheds a lot. It's like having another dog in the house.

So after cursing at it and complaining about it, I had the hubs help me to roll it up and take it out. Just to see how it felt.

And so far I'm loving it. It's like cutting off all your hair, or a long hot shower after a camping trip. I feel lighter, and my vacuum is happy for a rest.

I was a bit perplexed about a room without a rug but the more I see it around, the more I like it.

Home of Tanja Vibe via Pinterest
Anna Spiro
Bailey McCarthy
Nate Berkus via Pinterest
Elle Decor via Pinterest
So, a dining room without a rug (gasp). What do you think?


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