Hi all and THANK YOU for hanging in there and waiting for me! It has been CAAAA RAZY moving. After being in the old house for 28 years, we sure accumulated alot of STUFF! I know I will have to get rid of alot but have to live HERE for awhile and see what we use and don't use. I thought I would share some pictures of the old house....EMPTY! It looks SO strange to me. This first picture is the dining room. The picture below is the living room. Yvonne, the sofa you love is now HERE and looks right at home:):)
 I always LOVED this fireplace and decorating that mantle.
 This is the foyer, taken from the kitchen
 This was my office/guest room.
 and the bathroom off of that.

 This was the "Africa room". Now our bonus room is being fitted with alot of the items that were in here.

 The "bridge" upstairs. I used to sit up there, when we first moved in and read....
 The master bedroom.The drapes are a dark green, not blue as they appear. I did get the plants down:)
 master bath vanity
 Here is a TINY sneak peek at the new house. This was before the furniture got here. It looks better right now but not everything is in place so it will be a few days til I can really share. I do want to say how much I LOOOOOVE this new house! Quite a different space but we will make it HOME!!!!  Please be patient and I will post as soon as I can! XO, Pinky


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