Are you there reader? It's me, Margaret Elizabeth.

So of course I have to begin with an apology. I tease y'all on Friday and then leave you hanging. Uncool. I'm sorry. Life got in the way. But if it makes you feel any better, my tar and feathering is scheduled for 4 pm today. You can come watch if you like.

Luckily I've got some good eye candy to make it up to you. Let's have a little before and after, shall we? Everyone loves a good makeover story.

It starts like any good story does - a cute little family buys the perfect house. But the house has a dark side. Or, a dark kitchen. Oh the horror.

Metal cabinets. Bad roll on floor. Three different doorways into a small galley and one single ceiling fan. What's not to love?

And who is the genius that forgot to line the sink up with the window? Pitiful.

The layout was just wrong. The counter space was just wrong. Everything was just wrong.

The family wanted to open the space into the dining room, not only to create better flow but to make this kitchen feel larger. They also wanted the kitchen to have a farmhouse feel.

Ask, and you shall receive.

With the plans in place the kitchen was gutted. Soffits were removed, an extra doorway was closed off, appliances switched positions and the wall between the kitchen and dining room was knocked out to open up the space. I love a good puzzle and this space was really fun for me to rethink and reconfigure.  Like a giant game of tetris.

After several long months of work, my very patient clients now have one saucy kitchen.

The space between the dining room and kitchen is much more open now, but still gives both areas their own defined space.

Buffalo check on the dining room chairs is picked up again with the roman shade in the kitchen. You can read more about the dining room chairs I recovered here.

The cork board was a simple DIY project I previewed on Instagram (follow me here). I'll share the tutorial as soon as I can write it up.

I love the side by sides. Let's have some fun shall we.

I love it when a story has a happy ending.

Like what you see here? I can do the same for you. Let's talk.


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