Tired. That's the word. I forgot the word for meat last night. Meat. And I love meat. Does anyone else feel like this was three long weeks rolled into one? Thank goodness the weekend has finally arrived.

I have tons of wonderfulness to share with you - another finished client space, some projects I've started around here and of course all the deets on the party table I did this week. But for whatever reason I'm having trouble stringing together the words. Like I said, just plain tired.

So I will leave you with a beautiful picture as I pretend this is where I'm going for the weekend.


My little (imaginary) house on the river.

And a reminder - if you haven't already please remember to sign up for the Indie Mats giveaway. You only have a few more days left! The winner will be selected Tuesday morning!

And some additional exciting news, I'm a style contributor for Simply Baby's blog party which will be happening every Fridy for the next six weeks! Head on over to the party and check out my blog friend, Beth of Design Post Daily.

Join the party here

Make sure to check it out each Friday because there are some pretty amazing ladies participating:

Tiffany Leigh of Tiffany Leigh Interior Design

Beth of Design Post Daily

Heather of Vivid Hue Home

Cindi and Emily of Scrappy Love

Katherine of Rhymes with Smile

Kelley of Forever's Like a Dream

Like I said, a lot of good things going on! What are your plans this weekend? Working outside? Working inside? Coming to my river house with me?

Happy Weekend!


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